Intellij randomly uses 100% of cpu and crashes eventually


for some reason the cpu usage goes to 100% on no particular reason 

i have the crash report:

my pc stats:

cpu i5 12400f 

32 gb ddr4 3600 mhz

gpu 1660 super


Hello Lucasezequiel120202. Please, capture the CPU snapshot using the following instruction:

  • press  Help | Diagnostic Tools | Start CPU Usage Profiling;
  • make sure that the high CPU usage problem is reproduced;
  • press  Help | Diagnostic Tools | Stop CPU Usage Profiling.

The snapshot will be saved to the user home directory. Please, share this snapshot with us; your IDE logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data) could be helpful, too. You can share it privately via JetBrains Uploads service and post the ID you receive here.


i couldnt find the option you are saying, i googled, checked help, etc and i dont think i have that option 

thanks to what you said i could find a cpu monitor usage and managed to get a screenshot of how it looked like when it crashed
had to use a free image hosting as the image wouldnt upload, the website is called ImgBB


i also went to task manager to try and track where the error was and i found two "idea64.exe" processes that were trying to do something and with this using 100% of my cpu, googled and it says to be a lack of memory but i have 32 gb and when this error happend i was using about 17


Please, check if the Performance Testing plugin is installed and enabled in your IDE. After installing, the  Help | Diagnostic Tools | Start CPU Usage Profiling  menu item should be available. 

Also, please, check if increasing memory heap size helps.


i have the plugin Performance Testing

but the option to start cpu usage profiling doesnt seem to be there


i did increase the memory settings to 3042MiB to see if that fixes it, if it crashes again ill change it to 4056 MiB. 

thank you 


Lucasezequiel120202 , sorry, I just figured out that you use Community Edition. Please, also install the Async Profiler for IDE Performance Testing plugin; this should finally add necessary action to the the  Help | Diagnostic Tools  menu.
Could you please also provide me with your IntelliJIDEA logs and clarify which exact behavior you mean when speaking about IDE crashes?


Hey managed to capture the freeze while using the CPU Usage Profiling, upload id:

Upload id: 2023_04_06_244Ttz47mU59FMYuBskGFa (files:, log.rar)

you will see two files in there, "log.rar" which is "Help -> Show logs in explorer -> (take all files and compress them into log.rar) "
and the other file which is a zip of "Help -> Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data" in that zip theres a folder named "threadDumps-freeze-20230406-160233-IC-231.8109.175" that should contain the freeze

thank you 


froze again

Upload id: 2023_04_06_Yg7HjCaVCTNRode2z1a5DS (file: threadDump-20230406-175928.txt)



Lucasezequiel120202, from the provided logs, I can say that the problem you met looks very similar to this one. Unfortunately, we couldn't determine the cause of this issue, and it wasn't fixed yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you please provide me with the captured CPU usage snapshot? It could help me localize the problem in your particular case.


i downgraded to 2022.1 and it seems to have fixed the issue 


Sorry to hear that only a downgrade solves the problem. You can upvote the issue I mentioned so you will be notified when it is fixed.

If you have any other problems or further questions, please, feel free to contact us.


Hi is this still active? im still having this problems but i have more data now, having too many things open and using 80% cpu causes it to crash more often and if im not mistaken it only crashes when github copilot is enabled, what could i do?


Hello Lucasezequiel120202, could you please share the IDE log (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data) via the JetBrains Uploads service? 


yeah Upload id: 2023_05_06_JxkUtBuDR9stdjsxydnyqS (file:


i reinstalled latest version 2023.1 and it just keeps crashing, im gonna have to start using vscode because intellij has been working worse than ever 


Could you please check if disabling the GitHub Copilot plugin helps? 


HI, JetBrains team,

here is the CPU profile upload ID 2024_05_19_Db5AwFpdnUU2setYyQHXJt, I am facing high ( 100%) CPU usage while use IDEA ultimate 2024.1.1

My PC Configs are
CPU: i9-11900

Ram: 64 GB (CL 16) - 3200 Mhz
GPU RTX 4080 16gb

It seems to be caused by a third-party plugin or configuration you have in the IDE. Can you please try to disable all the download plugins from Settings | Plugins | Click the gear button | Disable all the downloaded plugins menu?

Hi Ethan Yin , yes I have disable and also uninstalled and tried, still facing same issue 100% usgae while using.


In the previous CPU snapshot, it looks like the "Atom Material icons" plugin is related. Did you also disable that one?

If it still persists, please attach the CPU snapshot again.