I am not receiving any email from the student licence request


A week ago I tried to renew my licence with my new university email but the form could not automatically verify my email. Therefore, I applied sending a bunch of documents that prove I am enrolled. However, I did not receive any kind of confirmation email about the form being sent nor have I received any response. I tried contacting with no luck either. My licence is expiring today and I am in the middle of an important university project so losing it would really be a problem right now.


PS: I am posting this under pycharm but I am using a bunch of IDEs. I think there should be a community topic about jetbrains accounts.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Raquel,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please excuse the delay in getting back to you. 
We would be happy to help you to solve your issue, and will just need a
little more info. As you got an auto-approved student subscription, please send me any
officially issued document with your full name and confirmation of
your current student status in 2022/2023 academic year for validation
of your JetBrains account ownership and eligibility.

After getting this documentation I'll help you to solve the issue.

Hi Natalia, 

Yes, since I was getting no answer I tried with my previous university email, and got it automatically validated. I had already attached all the proof of enrollment needed. I really think you should let the current licence be valid until you validate the new one and then invalidate it if necessary but not leave people without being able to use the tools just because you are delayed and cannot automatically verify (it is not our fault). I really don't want to sound rude since you are already too nice by letting us students use it for free and I really appreciate it. It's just that once you rely on an IDE to work, being left without it is quite an inconvenience, and I am in the middle of an important uni project so it really stressed me out.

I don't mind the licence using the current email or the previous one. And you got my enrollment documents on my request.

Thanks and best regards, 



Hello Raquel,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I got your message without any attachments and you didn't let me know your email addresses. Without this information I cannot process your ticket and help you.  I apologize for any inconveniece caused by the delay in answering you, but the tickets appear in a queue and we process them case by case.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, I used the official form to send everything... I'm not gonna post anything here of course. Anyways, it is solved now so I guess you don't need to do anything else. Thanks


same problem here the university changed the email domain and I registered many times and emails from jetbrains not reaching me 


Thank you for contacting us.

Please email us at int-support@jetbrains.com, include the email that you used for applications and we will check what happened to them.

Hello Karina, Please, see attached image.

I am unable to send a mail to the address you listed.

I have tried several times but I am not getting mail for next step of my application using the student mail.