Installing multiple instances


Is it possible to install multiple instances? Totally independent with own set of plugins/configuration and projects

I read toolbox supports it but it seems I can install only Ultimate and Community instances, actually I want 2x Ultimate or I can install multiple versions I guess they share same config


You can install and manage multiple instances (versions) of any JetBrains IDE independently with Toolbox App:
To install a different version of the same IDE, click on the three dots > Other versions:
Here you have the option to install one more instance of the same IDE version, but with different configuration/plugins etc.:

Also, you can install multiple instances manually from the latest official version link or previous releases link. Even the same version - the installer will ask you if you wish to uninstall the existing manually installed instance or keep it.
Manually installed instances will still appear in Toolbox App list:, but they will not be managed by Toolbox. You will be able only to start them and uninstall them.


Thank you, it's been helpful


I came to this topic trying to find a way to manage different instances with different accounts. 

Despite the fact the Toolbox is very cool helping tool, it doesn't solve my problem.

I have to manage two accounts (a personal one + a working one), each with its own set of tools \ licenses. 

As described above, I installed few instances of the same WebStorm, but they share the authorization \ the license. Is there a way to force different instances to use different authorization \ license? Would be helpful! 


We've implemented an ability to get assets (licenses) from several JetBrains accounts using only one email address

You can find it in your JetBrains account settings -

Contact our sales team at for more information


Egor Klepikov, than you for the sharing that feature.

But it looks like it isn't a solution for my case. My question was, if it is even possible to have two instances of webstorm installed, each instance with its own license? 

According to the solution to provided, it looks like I have to re-activate the installed webstorm every time I need to switch licence, right? 
Sorry if I got your answer wrong.  


Thank you for contacting us.

Egor linked correct documentation. 

Linking work email to your personal one will allow you to manage all available licenses under a single email. 
This will remove any collision issues from IDEs. 

You will still be able to choose which licenses to use within IDE from registration menu. 

Let me know if you will have any questions.

Getting back to the original question, and the response:

To install a different version of the same IDE, click on the three dots > Other versions

I installed two versions of Rider using the Toolbox app, but I can't find any way to start the second one. I have the Rider RC and latest Rider release, but I can only start the RC from the main Toolbox window, and the release version is shown as installed, but I have no idea how to start it.


What happens when you click on it? If these versions share the same config/system/plugins folder, you'd need to change it so that they can both be used at the same time.




I found it. The issue was that I was trying to start it from the “Other versions” tab, but clicking on a version there does nothing. However, I haven't seen the actual app in the list because I have quite a few JetBrains tools installed via the Toolbox, and the other Rider instance was last in the list, so I needed to scroll down to find it. User error :)