IntelliJ Platform SshConfigPassphrase


Good Morning, 

I experience problems when I try to use "Remote Development" and open a project. 

This is the error I display. 

Gateway wants to use your confidential information stored in "IntelliJ Platform SshConfigPassphrase - " in your keychain.

To allow this, enter the "login" keychain password.

The SSH connection is configured via private key.
Even when I enter the passphrases the error reappears.

All configuration was done via MacBook M2 Ventura 13.3.1
The version of Pycharm is the latest one that is downloadable from the PyCharm site 2023.1.1 Build #PY-231.8770.66, built on April 27, 2023


Hello Vincenzo,

I replied to you in the ticket created by you. If you have further questions, let's continue in the ticket.


Bulat Tsydenov what is the resolution for this? 


Hello Ashraf,

This pop-up comes from MacOS. It seems you have some strict settings for your "login" keychain. 
You may want to check the settings according to this Apple article -


I also had same situation. I just type my mac password for that prompt and this resolve it.