Incorrect annotation syntax color highlight in Java using high contrast


I use high contrast theme on my Windows machine and IntelliJ IDE. I noticed annotations are highlighted red so decided to duplicate "High Contrast" color schema to modify that setting, but noticed default color is good for high contrast theme. When I type something in an annotation i see the highlight changes to the desired color but after typing it gets red again. I just can see this behaviour on annotations (also it happens with keywords but i guess it makes sense since it only highlight reserved words such as public or class)

I tried using default inherited value from Language defaults and setting my own color but it always gets red again.

I wonder if another setting has to be modified or if this is a normal behaviour. I'm using IDEA 2023.1 Community and Windows 11 22H2 Build 22621.1555

not typing




I noticed this happens with Srping Boot boiler plate code and not with my code, which is good, i'm still curious if this is a setting we can control


Hi Htroyo , would you mind clicking the editor notification banner Setup SDK and choosing a JDK for your project, JDK 11 should be OK.

The color is red because the class(annotation) Override can't be found, if you switch to another theme, it should also is red.