This IDE is sub-par and I hate it


I don't understand how come anyone manages to use this stupid IDE. It doesn't make any sense and docummentation is shit.
Trying to import a quarkus app and add some basic code.
No import statement is recognized, even though it is part of dependencies.
I have scoured entire stackoverflow threads on this + community forum + docummentation tried all solutions. No solution works.
This is a simple setup on Windows 10 with JDK 17 and the IDE still fails on basic actions.
Please discontinue dev on this software!

Hi @Nosferatu Nos,

We are sorry to hear about your bad experience and we'd like to help you figure out the root cause here.
Please open the Gradle tool window in IDEA's right sidebar, and click the "Refresh" button there.
Then open the Build tool window in the bottom sidebar (or via IDE main menu "Views | Tool Windows | Build"), do you see any error message there? Please share them if you see any errors.
Also, could you please share your current `build.gradle` and `` files' content for investigating this issue? Thanks.