Grazie support in custom language plugin (IDE Plugin Development)



we would like to activate Grazie in our custom language plugin. Is that possible and if so; is there any guidance how to do that?

Thanks & Br, Philipp


Hi! You need to implement TextExtractor (com.intellij.grazie.textExtractor extension point) for your language, and that most likely will be enough. In some cases, adding ProblemFilter specific to your language is also needed.

Hi! Thanks for the info! Just saw in the Appendix I -Intellij Platform Plugin SDK that extension point is also documented.

BUT I can't neither use that extension point in my project (not recognized), nor use the import of TextExtractor.

What I tried is to make sense of other projects that use Grazie, but I couldn't find out why the extension point available for them, but not for me: intellij-community/kotlin.grazie.xml at master · JetBrains/intellij-community · GitHub

I also noticed that  

    <plugin id="tanvd.grazi"/>

but in my IDE it states that 

Usage of API reserved for JetBrains internal use