File colors on big PR


Hi! This is more a question about usability... Usually when working on a big refactor or a project where I can not (or I don't want because I'm too lazy) accomplish properly in bunch of small PRs I feel the project file tree with the blue/green color for changed files VERY useful. It's pretty easy to keep track of what I'm working on, specially on huge projects with many files.

The thing is that this is leading to a super bad practice to me: I don't commit often to git. I feel this to be too much comfortable, and once I commit into my working branch I loose the colors and then it's difficult to check the files I was working on and then I need to check the git history to remember the name of the file I'm looking for.

Basically colors are letting me to identify my current playground for the given task I'm doing, and when I commit them it becomes more difficult to keep track of them in a very fast way, and this leads to me to do bigger commits and to have a lot of changes in my local before commiting, with all the problems that entails.

What do you do in those cases? I'm the only one having this "problem"?


Hi, using an uncommitted file list to track your task is not recommended. Instead, you can use pinned editor tabs to track your current task. Scopes and file colors are more useful when working on huge projects with many files(eg: the IDEA community edition source code), you may learn more here:

Please disable the Qodana plugin first in your IDEA's settings pane if you are using IDEA 2023.1.