Unable to import Grails project


I am running IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3.2, Build #IU-163.10154.41, built on December 21, 2016.  The Grails plugin is installed and enabled:


But I have yet to see the dialog box where you get asked for a Grails SDK.  I have created a new Grails project in IDEA, so it definitely knows about Grails.  And I have restarted IDEA, but that has not made any difference.

I figured out that I can't import from my Eclipse external model, even though it's an Eclipse project.  That route never got me to the frameworks dialog box at all.  I found that if I select Create project from existing sources, I will eventually get to the frameworks selection screen, but this is what it shows:

Of course, once I click Finish, IDEA does not recognize the project as a Grails project.

Is there any way to mark it as a Grails project at this point?  Or any idea how to make the import work as expected?


What Grails version do you use? For Grails 3.x you just import build.gradle file in IDEA: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/2016.3/getting-started-with-grails-3.html.

For Grails 2 please refer to https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/2016.3/getting-started-with-grails-1-2.html.


Thanks for your quick reply, Serge.  Since I'm obviously not creating a new project, can you please explain what it means by adding a module to an existing project?  I would think that what I am doing is importing the existing project, so what module am I creating?  Do I have to make up a fictitious module to convince IDEA to import the existing project? 


Since you can't import build.gradle, I'm assuming that you are using Grails 2? Is that correct?


Yes, sorry, I forgot to say that.


In this case IDE should recognize the structure automatically: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/2016.3/creating-grails-application-from-existing-code.html.

Probably there is something nonstandard in your project so that IDE cannot recognize it as a Grails project.

In the recent IDEA versions there is no longer a Grails module or Grails facet configuration needed, IDE recognizes the project being a Grails project when there is a Grails library in the dependencies.

I suggest creating a new Grails 2 project using the wizard, then you will see a library for Grails, move it to Global libraries:

Then try adding this library to the dependencies of your modules in the existing project: http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/webhelp/configuring-module-dependencies-and-libraries.html.


The problem at this point may be my inexperience with IDEA, but I don't have what you have, and I'm not sure how to get it.  Is this the new module that I'm supposed to create?


Did you create a new Grails 2 project following the wizard steps?


That must be the problem.  I created a Grails 3.1.9 project.  I'll have to try installing Grails 2 tomorrow.

Many thanks for walking me through this, Serge.  I'll let you know how it goes.


FYI, there doesnt seem to be any way to import a fresh grails 3.3.8 project into intellij ultimate either.  It doesnt recognise it as grails, nor does it pickup that its gradle. I can create a new grails project from scratch within intellij, but it doesnt seem to want to pickup existing projects created with a simple "grails create-app".


Did you try to open build.gradle file?


It doesnt recognise it if you open a grails apps folder. It half recognises it if you open the settings.gradle in the folder above. This used to work. Now When I import the same project, or a new one, it only shows the app, not the module it depends on in the grails view. 

This is what I did:

$ cd myproj

$ grails create-app myapp

$ grails create-plugin myplug

Create settings.gradle with:

    include ":myapp", ":myplug"


$ cd myapp

edit build.gradle with:


grails {

   exploded = true

    plugins {

        compile project(':myplug')




Now I should just be able to import the settings.gradle. This half works. The project is imported, and I can run it, it finds the plugin's classes, but the plugin module is missing from grails view - it only shows the app.  It should show both (as it used to), as now I cant navigate to the plugins files in the grails view (which worked in the last version)


Here's what I see after following your steps and importing settings.gradle.

Plugin module is visible and is currently selected in Project View:

The plugin is visible in Grails View as well:

Please reach our support and attach screencast or screenshots and describe what was expected.