Why doesn't Search Everywhere work?



Hi there,

Search Everywhere is more like combination of "Navigate | Symbol/Class/File..." together with "Help | Find Action..."

AFAIK it does not search for actual plain text / string content. For that -- use standard "Edit | Find | Find in Path..." (to search across files) or just "Find" for current file only.


I'm sorry Andriy but I agree with Michael, I mean, the feature name is Search Everywhere 

I also think that adding a new section with text plain finding should not be hard and will be VERY helpful 

In fact IntelliJ's team have suggested it

Find in path: https://youtu.be/eq3KiAH4IBI?t=411

"Don't search like that unless your life depends on it"


Well .. you can clearly see what it can search for by checking the scopes (e.g. https://www.jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/2017.1/searching-everywhere.html#d156380e92)

I agree -- they guy in the video (he said it few times) + the feature name implies that it would search for any text .. but in reality it does not -- it searches only in those supported at the moment scopes (that utilize indexes).

BTW -- they guy in the video was searching for method name (to show how it works). In that aspect he is absolutely correct -- Search Everywhere will find such stuff better and quicker than generic (plain text search) Find In Path.


I have not found any big complains about current behaviour (tickets that would have quite few votes/comments) -- possibly I've used bad search query. Those tickets that I have found:

If they do not answer your question -- file your own ticket / Feature Request.


We have the same problem (and it's not related to the query).

We several projects in some of them with have this issue and in others we don't have it.


I had the same expectations.

Tx! Quick Google search showed me this.

I only use Find in path apparently :D


I just stumbled on this problem: search everywhere does not search in string literals (an SQL in my case). Please, don't call it search everywhere when it doesn't search everywhere. If you really want to make users happy, search in string literals, too. However, a better name would be helpful like 'quick search'.


@D Held, "Search Everywhere" is about symbols and entities rather than about full text search. Find in Path is way more suitable for that.


You shoud do CTRL+SHIFT+F


@Vladimir: if the function is searching in symbols and entities only, wouldn't it be a good idea to call it "search symbols and entities"? Find in Path is a much better candidate for search everywhere. Obviously, I'm not the only one having this problem. Sorry, but somehow I get the impression that you are annoying your users because of bureaucratic reasons.


This is a completely messed up naming for a function.  How can it be called "Search everywhere" when it clearly does not do that?!?

Please fix this.


Please share your concerns at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-124618. Developers aren't reading the forums.