Spatial (columns and other features) support for SQL server


We use lot of spatial features of SQL server. It seems like DataGrip doesn't  even understand the spatial column types yet.
It will be nice if DataGrip could understand and provide basic features like SSMS for spatial fields. I know you guys can do even better than basic SSMS!

Also I noticed, in a SQL Server procedure if you use custom types (we used custom table type). Datagrip doesn't recognize it.



You could track the progress of request similar to your description

As for SQL Server procedure, could you provide an example?

Thank you.


For example see below. GEOGRAPHY and GEOMETRY type are shown as "Unresolved object type".

I work with lot of spatial and SSMS too doesn't provide much support for it. But at least following would be nice.

  1. Recognition of base Spatial types with intellisense. Not marked as unresolved types.
  2. When displaying spatial types in tables, you can show something meaningful. See 2nd screenshot. It takes lot of space and provides no meaningful info. SSMS shows a visual representation of spatial in separate tab (Screenshot 3).
  3. Import/Export from spatial formats e.g. shape files.

I might be asking for too much and thus did not reply on bug. Maybe you guys already have thoughts around this and want to plan properly. Did not wanted to confuse the requirements on the bug!

I am sure JetBrains can do a lot better than those MS guys.

 RE@ custom types. I think my data-grip wasn't synchronised to understand the custom type i was using. Now it shoes it fine. Thanks.




Thank you for great example.



Hello @vasily - I found this by searching "datagrip sql server spatial" on Google - I'd also love to see recognition of spatial data types as a feature in Datagrip


DUMP. This is needed. 


I agree, this would be an awesome feature to have in DataGrip (and another reason to not use other subpar tooling) and sadly it doesn't seem to have made much traction in the 3+ years.


We need the same feature.
I think it should be develop and added to package faster.
Any plan yet?


Even MySQL Workbench supports this feature. I agree that a tool like DataGrip could really benefit from this!


How many votes this ticket should get to be considered by JetBrains?


This would be a fantastic addition and make DG a real stand-out tool in the right circumstances, +1 from me.