Custom Tags in PHP

Hi Team,
i have a project with many crazy tags. And i want to ignore this tags in the inspector, but i don't know how.
<IR_COMMENT>/* ÄÖÜ : drei deutsche Umlaute in UTF-8 */</IR_COMMENT>

Whats does this Tag?:
The project is a mix with perl and php (please don't say anythink to this fact... it's not my code.... )


<IR_COMMENT>/* ÄÖÜ : drei deutsche Umlaute in UTF-8 */</IR_COMMENT>
// ??? @TODO Simuliert GET-Eingabe, später löschen
$_GET['aufgabe_id'] = 49;
$_GET['beitrag_id'] = 4;
$_GET['zusage'] = "zusage";
<IR_LOOP LAYOUT="<IR_PREPERL> $global->{'layouts_snippet_global'}->{$sprache_id} </IR_PREPERL>" MAXSHOW="1">
<IR_INCLUDE TYPE="php_require_once" FILE="tp_gera_cc_online_snippet_global.php" />



How can i add this tags to validate or ignorelist?
I can't work with many errors ;(
Pls tell me step by step or with a sample file?! I don't  know what i can do.

Thank you very much.


Hi there,

Considering that these tags are used inside actual PHP code ... no way AFAIK.

If anything -- only via custom plugin that will teach IDE what those "PHP constructs" are (as they are located inside PHP code blocks). But even then I'm not sure if it will be possible .. as PHP Plugin already parsed such file and have no knowledge of such tags/stuff (I simply have doubts that you can extend PHP code parser on top of existing plugin). NOTE: I'm not JB dev (and do not code any plugins for this IDE) so these are my personal "insights/ideas"


Thanks for helping ;)