Please add native Hive and Presto support. Pretty please?

I know you can connect to any JDBC driver, and I do use Datagrip to connect to EMR using the Amazon JDBC drivers for Hive and Presto, but the lack of native dialect support makes it a pretty painful experience. For example using generic dialect it doesn't recognise the ; character as a query delimiter and as a result you have to painstakingly select one query to run at a time. It also doesn't recognise many statements that are very common in Hive (add jar) and pretty much any create table statement. Also schema reflection is janky, for some reason while it can detect all the tables, it fails to find their columns (although this works OK with presto).

I know there is another thread/request about being able to define your own custom dialects, and that would hopefully help somewhat here, but what I really want is Hive and Presto to become first class citizens in Datagrip. These two engines are rapidly growing in popularity and I imagine many of the people doing serious database work that are attracted to a dedicated IDE like this would likely be using them in some capacity.

Who's with me?


This would improve the experience when writing queries for Amazon Athena.