Getting SSH Tunnel Working for SQLite Datasource



Today I installed DataGrip, and tried adding a data source. I have an SQLite DB on a remote server so I need to use an SSH tunnel to access the database file.

I open the Data Sources and Drivers dialog, and select SQLite (Xerial) from the + button.

Once the source is added, I move to the SSH/SSL tab and select "Use SSH tunnel"

Upon doing that, I get an error "Unable to apply SSH settings: Host & port not found. Fix URL or create template"

It does not matter now what information I fill in, the error remains, and I am unable to connect.


How can I connect to my remote SQLite database?




Unable to apply SSH settings: Host & port not found. Fix URL or create template



DataGrip can't do that using JDBC connection. You can do it using sqlite3 and run commands remotely

Thank you.


The link you referred to is not really helpful.

Of course one can run SQL through ssh, but how is this supported by CLion IDE in any way?

I think the aim of this question was to use all the features for working with local databases that CLion provides on a remote database.

If I’m wrong and CLion supports this in any way, e.g. by sending SQL over SSH like in the link you referred and afterwards collecting and presenting the results in the local IDE again, than please elaborate on how to set this up in CLion.


Hi !


The same for me,

SSH tunnel configuret with Pycharm, TEST is OK

But when configuring sqlite driver, says Unable to find host/port in URL

Pycharm 2020

Hope anyone can help