Compare results/tables arent clear enough


I do like table/result compare functionality a lot and found that with two separate consoles. You can actually get same Result numbers and it makes it difficult for you to know the target being display for comparison. For example see below.



on SQL06_1 my query result number is 15. on SQL06 (tab left to SQL06_1 not visible) also have reached to Result 15. And when i click comapre button i get Result 15. Which i have no idea is from where! It will be good if you can add more info here.


Also on separate note. I use SQL server only. Whenever I add new schema (DB) it adds DB.Guest by default. NOBODY in SQL server world uses guest for main stuff. I think default should go to dbo. And being developer I would like it to go to DB.dbo. Also there is no way to select dbo without having selected guest which is even more tedious.


If I ask you to summarise theory/phsycology behind Database>Schemas and Consoles/Files/Scratches and how they relate each other? I love data grip for its some features that it does pretty well. But I cannot really include it as a part of my whole development workflow. Because I cannot get my head around how to use it from

Idea/Requirement>Preparing logic>Execution/testing>Placing the logic in existing stored procedure(or create new)>check in. Maybe there is tutorial on how to end to end you can point me to?



Could you specify DataGrip version you use?

Thank you.


DataGrip 2016.3.2
Build #DB-163.11103.2, built on December 29, 2016
Licensed to Ravish Kumar
You have perpetual fallback license for this version
Subscription is active until December 12, 2017
JRE: 1.8.0_112-release-408-b6 x86
JVM: OpenJDK Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o