Is there anyway to make remote interpreter point to a windows version python.exe?


I have a python runtime at windows 10, and can be accessed accoss ssh server on [ubuntu on windows], but when i configure this runtime as [remote interpreter via ssh], it always failed, error message shows [Non-zero exit code(2)].

Is there any chance to make remote interpreter point to a windows version python.exe? or just my configuration is wrong?

pycharm 2016.3.2

ssh works fine.


Yes, the configuration is wrong. Please, follow these steps: and let me know if you have any questions/problems with it.


Sorry for my late reply, I have follow that instruction reconfigured again and again, still unable to work.

my ssh connection checked like this:



configuration like this:

the remote python(.exe) interpreter can be accessed directly from pycharm's ui as shown above.

thank you.



Here's another thread about using native windows interpreter, describing few other somewhat related experiments (about making PyCharm "remote interpreter" feature work with ssh server on Windows host).

Concerning running native-windows-python from within WSL - it looks like this is not possible even without taking PyCharm and ssh into account - take a look at this issue. Users there mention cbwin workaround, which might allow this - but I've not checked if it works.


Anna Morozova,

Thanks for the link, but it looks like those post only describes using WSL-python. Not native-Windows-python-through-ssh-in-WSL, not "a windows version python.exe". Just like this page. Or, am I missing something?