Flow-typed server dies and does not restart and lots of other problems


When the flowtyped server dies idea never restarts it. The only way I can find to restart is to change the javascript language level back to es6 then again back to flow. 

When 'flow-typed install' is run, idea logs 

2017-03-12 10:53:30] Modified lib file: /Users/bkaplan/si/enrich-core/flow-typed/npm/yargs-parser_vx.x.x.js
[2017-03-12 10:53:30] Lib files changed in an incompatible way. Exiting.

Then the flow is again no longer working, requiring toggling the language level.

When an Analyze Inspect Code for flow is run while the flow server is down idea logs

10:55 AM No suspicious code found. 193 files processed in 'Project 'enrich-core''.

Which is clearly wrong -- the analysis was never run.



Sometimes idea sees that another flow server is running

Error: another server is already running?

But provides no option to do anything about it

In this case it had three consol tabs


But in one of the tabs it says


Here's another one. Change the package json and flow is dead again

Parsing service failed to cat /Users/bkaplan/si/enrich-core/node_modules/.staging/js-joda-extra-40e92b0a/package.json, so skipping it. Exception: Sys_error("/Users/bkaplan/si/enrich-core/node_modules/.staging/js-joda-extra-40e92b0a/package.json: No such file or directory")
[2017-03-12 12:19:22] Status: Error
[2017-03-12 12:19:22] Modified package: /Users/bkaplan/si/enrich-core/node_modules/.staging/js-joda-extra-40e92b0a/package.json
[2017-03-12 12:19:22] Modified package: /Users/bkaplan/si/enrich-core/node_modules/js-joda-extra/package.json
[2017-03-12 12:19:22] Packages changed in an incompatible way. Exiting.


Hello Barry,

Seems we have similar issue in YouTrack: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-23925

I'll notify developers about your case.