Petition to change "Ctrl-Y" default binding to "redo" on Windows


Hi Pycharmers,

Ctrl-Y is the standard "redo" in all of Microsoft's products. "Ctrl-Shift-Z" does nothing in Microsoft Word.

Windows users are heavily impacted by Pycharm defaulting Ctrl-Y to delete a line. If you're in a state where you've undone many changes and you hit Ctrl-Y then you've destroyed your redo history and a lot of work may have been lost.

Please fix this as a platform compatibility courtesy and a UX need. For reference, here is the notepad++ discussion

Cheers and thanks,



Please, vote for to increase its priority and be notified about updates.


I really hope someone takes notice of this. Forgetting that CTRL-Y doesn't mean "redo" in this circumstance is infuriating and disheartening. Not to mention, I'm having difficulty finding where in the settings menu to change the key binding, but I'm sure the internet will help me.


WOW just got bitten by this big time!

Why on earth have an editor for windows that doesn't at-lest support windows editing shortcut keys.



I came across this issue during my first experience with a JetBrains product. To this day I still get bit by this very often, to the point where I try to avoid the IDEs all together. Everything else about JetBrains' products is pretty cool, but I just hate using them because of the scars this issue has left. Please fix!


I had this issue really mess me up once.  After that, I changed the key bindings. =)

You can change them by following the directions here:



I just lost an hour's work because of this. What a nightmare. Intellij might also reconsider their "automatic saving" strategy (or lack thereof).



After I started using webstorm for a while, I've grown to avoid and fear the dreadful CTRL+y.

CTRL+z is fine because it goes one step backwards in my history of things done. CTRL+y will usually (actually ALWAYS) go one step forward in the history of things done, except in webstorm where it simply wipes out your redo-history and replaces it with a "removed a line of code" action instead.

It's a matter of time before I lose my work to a quick and accidental muscle-memory trying to perform "re-do". 


Dear @Anna

I don't get it.  This issue has been around for two years.  It's gotten lots of votes.  It would be utterly trivial to fix.  But there's no indication it ever will.  It's one of many obvious, frustrating bugs that seem to languish forever.

What exactly am I paying for, if my subscription doesn't procure fixes to simple, highly destructive design flaws like this one?


I made an account as well just to tell you, you guys are indeed huge cunts for this



Are you kidding me? This has got to be some kind of joke. Literally this single functionality completely makes me want to throw your all's product out the window. It's caused me to mess up my code several times now by deleting a couple of lines while I'm trying to debug through an edit history.

COME ON!!!!!






Lost lots of codes because this delete line on ctrl+y crap.


What a horrible idea, not only does ctrl+y not function like you expect, you loose your undo history at the same time!

For those that are trying to recover from data loss, use the local file history. Signed up purely to express my frustration with this stupid default, and to post how to recover from the data loss for others. Not perfect, but so much better than nothing if you did a lot of undos like I did before hitting ctrl + y.


HORRIBLE default for Windows users. But ... you can reconfigure it so CTRL + y will do redo instead of delete.


This is so stupid I have an hard time wrapping my head around it


What the hell is wrong with pycharm devs that this is not fixed after years....


potential customers who value their sanity should steer far clear of Pycharm. It's evident that they just aren't going to fix their products even after masses of customer complaints.

I'm afraid it's just a case of bad management at it's worst with JetBrains, and (sadly) they don't appear to give a care anymore. I imagine all of them are laughing at the fact that some of us are even paying for this crap. 





Make sure you are using the latest version. The issue is fixed since 2019.1

It should now prompt you with the following message:


I can't believe the nerve of who ever made the descission to do this. It's so deliberate just to cause frustration, and some one who is not wanting the product to be good. Why on earth would you substitute the common redo hotkeys with something that would delete your code? It's the equivalent to replacing the function of a save icon-button to  delete the project instead. Yes, it really is that dumb and your patching approach is almost as ridiculous. Why not just CHANGE IT.


All the hassle you normally deal with in development with all the different frameworks, platforms, envs etc, you just decided this is not enough hassle as it is, and introduced another configuration step developers has to deal with. And to top it of, not only are you messing with common keybindings with something just a little harmfull, like it's no copying lines, or indenting them or something. No you have to go and make it do exactly the opposite of what the developer most likely intend to do. It's just a big "fuck you" from who ever decided you introduce this. I can't believe the nerve of you


This is very shit problem. Did not pycharm developers use microsoft windows before??


YES!!!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  +1!!!

I HATE this!  This is absolutely the WORST BUG in PhpStorm!

Please FIX this!  😫😫😫