IntelliJ 2017.1 Google protocol buffers plugin not working

Hey, the Google protocol buffers plugin (latest version 0.5.9) is not working in this new version of intellij 2017.1.  Can you guys have an idea when will be a supported version?  My entire project depends on that.



I have the exact same issue and my project as well depends on the plug in. I did see another option (from but not clear on how to use it.


Thanks Scott, I think the thing is a maven plugin, which could be useful but in my case I need the plugin to work in IntelliJ and my project don't use Maven. I'll keep digging and see what else I can find out.


You are welcome; I have installed the plugin and it allows for editing the proto files and at least basic syntax checking. I am going to use the standard google protocol buffer compiler to compile it into .java files. I believe It does mean I will have to run the compiler standalone but in my case, the proto files are pretty stable so it won't be a big deal.