Search window disappears when clicking elsewhere


I don't know if this is a new problem in 2017.1: The search window (Find in path, Ctrl-Shift-F) now looks differently. That's not a problem. It is a problem, though, that this window disappears whenever I click anywhere outside that window. To get back to the search, I have to open it again. Often (not always) the previous search is gone, so I must start from scratch. Is there a setting somewhere, that I'm missing, or is it a bug?



EDIT: As a workaround, I can use "Open in Find Window", but I'd rather keep that original window, most of the time


Hi there,

>that this window disappears whenever I click anywhere outside that window.

If you click in IDE itself -- it's expected behaviour (at least for me -- AFAIK other popups like "Search Everywhere", "Navigate | File/Class/etc..." etc work in a same way) and you should use "Open in Find Window" (Ctrl+Enter is the shortcut IIRC) to have found results list preserved.

If you loosing focus when switching to another app -- it's a bug and fix should be available in 2017.1.1


P.S. If you really wish you may go back to previous window (design and behaviour) -- see


Thanks. The window always disappears, whereever I click outside it.

I would not expect any such window to close, ever, unless I click on close. Why would it?

"Navigate | File" does the opposite of what you say: It stays when clicking on the IDE, and it disappears when clicking elsewhere. Which is a problem, again, because I might want to copy a filename from elsewhere. And once I copied it, the place to paste it into is gone and I have to reopen it.

Really, I find any un-asked-for closing of anything unusual. Just now, I'm in Chrome: Ctrl-F opens the search field, and it remains where it is, until I close it. That's expected bahaviour for me. I tried several programs now, Sublime, Total Commander, MS Word. I would know of no program that closes windows or searchfields or whatever just like that.

Yes, I might go back, thanks for the link. And now I found that this whole thing is under discussion:

So I'll just wait and see how it turns out.



1 seems about that.

Exactly. I agree with the comments there.


> At the same time -- is reporting opposite behaviour.

That's not what I see.

So let's close this thread, since it is discussed elsewhere. Thank you!


If you click the "Pin" icon in the upper right, this dialog will not vanish when you switch away. However, it will also not close when you try to click through to the file.