Keyboard navigation in diff-based dialogs, version control toolwindow


*  Commit changes difference pane

 Is there a way to navigate to the diff panel using the keyboard? The 'C'ommit panel has a hot key but this one doesn't. Tabs, etc don't seem to get the focus there. Only using the mouse works. 

* Version Control toolwindow

Focus always resides on the search box. Can I use the keyboard to navigate to the tree list of changes? Tabs work, but it would be nice to get there with a shortcut.




There is no any specific keyboard shortcut to open the Diff pane in the commit dialog. Please submit a bug at 

On the other hand, the same diff panel, but as a separate window, is available with Cmd/Ctrl+D


As for the second question, I assume you mean the Log tab? The shortcut to switch between Search and the list of commits is Cmd/Ctrl+L

You could change it if you want