Opening new project doesn't bring new window to front


Prior to version 2017.x, whenever I had a project open and opened a new one (something not uncommon), the new project window would be opened in front of the already opened project window (which makes sense, since I'm opening it to look at it). However, starting with v2017, this does not happen; instead the window is opened behind the existing window, and I have to switch to it (assuming it's opened at that point). I went back and double checked in 2016.3.2 to verify this.

I've looked through the settings in both versions, and I see no option to specify this. It would be really nice to have this functionality work like it used to.



To clarify, when I say new, I mean an existing project (usually from the "Open Recent..." list) in a new window (which is set in  Preferences, BTW), not creating a new project.

Also, I am on Mac OS X Sierra.


This issue has been bugging me ever since the 2017 version came out. If I could upvote it more than one, I would; I can't tell you how annoying it is!

Please, please, change this back to how it was!



If anything -- such comments should be posted in actual ticket where devs can see them .. and not here on the forum.