Show file's content on click without adding it to tabs

Hello, it is probably a silly question, however, I would love this feature.

Here goes:

I want to see a file's content with a single click (which is already possible by setting "autoscroll to source"). BUT, sometimes I dont want to open it, I mean, I just want to see whats inside. When I am looking for something I cant remember what it looked like or what was its name, I need to open several files. In this scenario, I might run out of space and some tabs are suddenly not visible and then I need to click on them and remember which ones I still need in order to close the unwanted ones.

I really love the sublime 3 behavior in this case. You can see any file just by clicking on it and it closes itself as soon as you, for example, open another one. In order to add it to tabs, you can double click the file or simply start typing into it while viewing.

Is there any way to not open them when clicking on them?

Thanks in advance!


Hello, thanks fro detailed description. Looks like we have already feature which cover your request. It's called Quick Definition:

It's possible to see  definition not only for methods or classes without opening. Also you can open content of file from Project tree in separate popup and using Navigation arrow view file by file. To use it select file in the project tree and use the corresponding to your keymap shortcut. I've attached screenshot of Find Action popup:


Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. I had no idea there is such feature as 'viewing definition'. This is indeed nice when inspecting methods as they are mostly short, however, it is not that great for inspecting files as the inspect window is not a regular window (cant be maximized, usually overflows the monitor when opened, etc).

Pressing 3 keyboard buttons at once (dropping mouse in order to do so as pretty much all 'one handed' shortcuts are already taken) then grabbing mouse to drag the overflowed inspect window that keeps changing its position on every single file and finally manually resizing it from the bottom right corner is not what I want to do at all.

Then It is just much better to open the file the usual way, and then close it afterwards.

Anyway, thanks for your time.

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Hi, seems to be a similar post (link below), but no really relevant solution to the initial request like yours. I'm agree with you, the "preview file by one click" of Sublime Text is wonderful, closing manually each tab into IntelliJ softwares is a waste of time. And the Quick Definition is a pretty good feature but a off topic of the initial request. I hope a relevant solution will be released soon...


I'm not familiar with Sublime, but this feature description sounds like what we have in Visual Studio, and is super handy.


Hey guys, now there is a plugin that provides this functionality to all IntelliJ IDEs: