How do I learn this?!!

I have just purchased WebStorm, because on every video I've seen regarding JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, PhoneGap, etc., etc., they all seem to be using this software.  It's clearly very capable.

But I need a tutorial to get me started on how to use it!!  I have found a playlist on YouTube created by JetBrainsTV, which I assumed would be good -- but it's using a version that's 3+ years old, and it doesn't match much of anything that's in the 2017.1.2 version that I have now.  For example, I'm only on the 2nd video and he's telling me to go to Preferences | JavaScript | Libraries -- which DOESN'T EXIST when I click on Preferences in the WebStorm menu!!  So how the hell do I do what he's telling me to do when the menus are completely different?!!!

FYI, I'm just trying to select a different JavaScript library -- when I right-click inside a JavaScript file, and select "Use JavaScript Library" from the pop-up menu, there are two options: HTML, which is greyed out, and WebGL.  In the video it shows a good 12 or 15 to choose from -- why do I only have two?  And how the hell can I get to the proper place in the Preferences menu to download more?  The video DOES NOT MATCH what I have in this version!!!  It sucks, and it's EXTREMELY DAMN FRUSTRATING!!!!

So where do I get a *current* tutorial to learn this program?  Something made with the *current version* of the software?

Laurence MacNeill
Ball Ground, Georgia, USA


I'm another user, but I remember from past experience that the Windows and Mac versions had those menus in two different places. Are you on Windows or a Mac?


It's a Mac.

I found a course for $25 on  On sale today only for $15.  It covers version 2016.2, so it's only one version behind, unlike the tutorial series that JetBrains provides on YouTube.  So I went ahead and splurged.  You would think JetBrains would have a free tutorial course -- which they clearly did at one time (back in 2014), but never bothered to update it for new versions of the software.

To be clear, JetBrains does offer many videos on YouTube for WebStorm -- but the only "general" series of tutorial videos are from 2014, which is 5 or 6 versions ago.  There are many "what's new with version XXX" videos -- but for those to make any sense, you have to go through all the older videos to learn the previous versions.  Which you can't do because you can't download those versions.  And why would you want to?  Waste of time learning older versions just to be able to follow along in the "what's new" videos.

They need to keep the whole general tutorial up-to-date with each new version.


Cool, I'm glad to know about the Udemy course! I agree that WebStorm has usability barriers that need to be addressed. I've loved using it for years, but recently engaged with the support forum when my 2017 upgrade completely hosed me. I remember the world opening up for me with Webstorm when i discovered keymaps in preferences. And i remember one JetBrains video that had all the keystrokes (I don't have the URL) In any case, I hope you get answers. You might consider a separate post that's specific to what you're trying to do (though the big picture post here also has value)

It's possible that the libraries are now detected by default? Just a guess, don't take my word for it. What library are you striving to use? In any case, you could probably produce videos that are better than the old ones! Fresh eyes have more attention to detail, I think.


Libraries settings are currently in Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries.

See for more info