Toolbox Launcher not starting


Running Ubuntu 16.10. I did some package updates last night and shut down, this morning all I get is "Segmentation Fault" when trying to launch the Toolbox. I cannot find any logs for the Toolbox Launcher anywhere.

I downloaded the latest version of the Toolbox Launcher and the issue persists.

Has anyone ever experienced this before?


Found the issue. Posting this in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

There was another instance that was running on startup and wasn't showing an icon in the notification area. I also found the logs under:


The relevant line in the log was "This is not master instance. Sending messages and exit". The toolbox app should give some sort of feedback to the user instead of "Segmentation Fault".


Thank you for following up to your own query once you found a solution. This helped me, so your effort to "help anyone else" actually did.