Block comments with leading asterisks

Is there a way to configure WebStorm to generate block comments like this:

* Each line begins with a
* leading asterisk that gets added
* automatically when I hit enter

Right now it generates comment blocks like this:

This is some text

I just found a relatively quick way to do this:

  1. On a Mac, hold down the OPT key. On Windows, the ALT key.
  2. Mouse down at the beginning of the first line you want to add the asterisks to.
  3. While still holding down on the key in step 1, drag mouse down to last line you want to add the asterisks to.
  4. You should now see a blinking line all the way down the column.
  5. Now let go of key and mouse, and type an asterisk (or type space-asterisk-space).
  6. Whatever you type will be added to each line!
  7. Hit the ESC key.

It's too bad this hasn't yet been implemented. This has annoyed me for so many years when trying to write multiline comments in S/CSS.