What effects does removing a module have (with maven projects)?


We are using maven projects.

In the Maven Projects pane, under Profiles, I can pick different profiles. After doing that, IntelliJ asks me if I want to remove the projects that I removed from the maven structure from the project, too.


What are the effects of clicking Yes or No respectively (for example on search, the file index etc.)?

If I remove a module from the project via the Project pane's context menu (Remove Module), it remains in the project list, but its root folder is no longer shown in bold. What's the effect of removing the project like that (as opposed to via the maven profile)? Is there a difference to removing it via the Project Structure dialogue? https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/2017.1/removing-modules-from-a-project.html

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Hi Christian,

Note that you can only remove a root project, the modules or sub projects you can ignore (they will be grayed out, but you can still see them in the maven projects tool window). 

If you click "Yes" in the specified dialog, then the selected modules are ignored in the IDE project structure as well.

If you click "No" in the specified dialog, then the selected modules stay active in the IDE project structure, but changes you make in their poms are ignored in the import process.