Appcode cannot find declaration of #include with folder structure

I have c++ files that has includes like this:

#include <action-broker/ActionBrokerSystem.h>

Appcode is highlighting 


in red and the error says "Cannot find 'ActionBrokerSystem.h'"

So in my code, wherever I am using the ActionBrokerSystem, it is in red or underlined with errors. 

AppCode suggestion suggests to import ActionBrokerSystem.h, and if i press enter, it adds this line:

#include "ActionBrokerSystem.h"

I can't go around changing this everywhere in the existing projects and also, it doesn't make sense not to use the folder structure.

This works fine in XCode, but I would really like to use AppCode so it would be great if someone knows a fix for this.



I have the same problem. I'm using PromiseKit via CocoaPods. Works great via Xcode, but in AppCode, it can't find PromiseKit.h. It can't resolve uses in the editor. Everything compiles fine, but I have invalid errors all over the place. How do I get rid of this?!


I have the same issue as Nick Curran