How do I search through all available subfields and/or methods?



I am debugging a somewhat convoluted Java program with lots of large POJOS with complex dependencies between them. I find myself doing a lot of  a.getB().getC().getD().getE().getF(). I need to find out how to get an object of type F given an object of type A without brute-forcing all possible combinations like these.

Perhaps this can be accomplished through autocomplete?

Alternatively, maybe I could somehow expand all variables in debugger and then search through them? (Tricky I understand because the variable graph can be arbitrarily complex, but perhaps I could only expand the first N layers?)

Or maybe there is an analysis tool for this purpose?




We did some experiments with deep down search in debugger, but they had more drawbacks than benefits. Right now you can only expand a tree node with "Fully expand tree node" action (default shortcut is numpad *) several times, and then do speed search (start typing).