Integrate Jira with Okta authentication

Hi, I don't think is possible, but perhaps...

I'm working for a client that uses Jira as issue tracker but all their apps are behind something called okta so to successfully login into Jira I need to first go through Okta, they send me a sms with a key and after that I'm in.

I tried to configure rubymine to integrate with Jira, but, as expected, authentication fails.

Is there any way to make the integration in this case?




do you use jira plugin for RubyMine?


yes, the problem is that the company has an authentication system to enter Jira, so I cannot authenticate from the plugin


Sorry, frankly I don't know how to help you from RubyMine side.

Probably jira plugin author could help?


Yes, I understand, I just asked just in case you had a similar case. Thank you for your help, and you have a great product!