Exclude a directory from upload and download by default


I wish to submit a feature request for PhpStorm or perhaps JetBrains Runtime to allow the user to define for each directory in a deployed server whether new children (files and directories) are included or excluded by default. I do NOT want to exclude the root directory. "What I want to be able to tell PhpStorm is: In this directory include only these specific directories and files. When a new file or directory is created in this directory, it should be excluded unless I have told PhpStorm to include files and directories by default in a more immediate ancestor."

I have a project on which I have no control on the deployment server. But I do know that it is full of files I don't need. In fact, most of the server I don't need. I need files only if they are in the directories labeled "css" or "xml" that are immediate children of the root or of any of a fixed array of directories that are direct children of the root.

I know that the place of feature requests is https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues?q=project:%20PhpStorm#. I just want to know if it is possible already (in which I am missing it), or if exclusion is already the default on new folders created in a deployment server outside of JetBrains. Thank you!



There is option Settings/Preferences | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment > your server configuration > Excluded Paths where you can exclude files and folders from either local or remote side. However it is not that flexible - we either can exclude the whole folder or some file so it will require some manual configuration for each project as both Mappings and Excluded Paths are per-project settings and cannot be set globally.

Would this be suitable?


That's what I've been using. I would think, though, that a lot of JetBrains users are concerned about bandwidth and storage that they would want JetBrains products to check for new directories in the deployment directory on startup and add them to the exclusion list rather than downloading the files. The walk can be done top-down so that it does not visit newly-excluded directories, and only the parent is added to the list. I know that that is a startup preference I would gladly welcome.


Eugene is correct.

My project has lots of folders for which I want to include their files but NOT their subfolders. You might guess that I would like the option to specify upload and download parameters in scope syntax. You'd be right about that.

The included files might then be:







The namespace "root" in the scope refers to both the project's local and deployment roots.


Please share this as a comment at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-24735 - this way a developer would hear you.