How can I remove File Mask(s) in AppCode's Find Window


The Find In Path window has a drop down of "file masks" as shown below.

Whenever I type something in there, it's PERMANENTLY added to the dropdown.

How can I clean up these entries.  I cannot find a way to delete something once it's been typed in as a file mask.



Hi David.

Apologies for delayed response. These masks are stored in ~Library/Preferences/AppCode<version>/options/find.xml. You may remove unneeded entries there. In case you'd like to have a UI option for that, please file a request in IDEA tracker.

I created an account just to say how annoyingly useless "feature" is right now (and apparently has been for years).  The dropdown stores every meaningless typo, has no facility to clean up, and seems to be sorted randomly.  Instead of entering the field and hitting the down arrow one or two times to get to a recently used filter I have to open a dropdown and scroll through entries like 



*.x m

*.x ml







For Windows 10 users, the file "find.xml" with the history of previously used masks is located here:  



I totally agree with user JetBrains comment