debug Scala.js in IntelliJ Ultimate?

I have an existing Scala.js project and am trying to debug it in IntelliJ Ultimate. No luck so far, and can't find any documentation that goes beyond how to load the project. I've loaded the project OK and can run it via sbt, but the real value will be when I can set Scala breakpoints in IntelliJ, stop, and look at the contents of variables, vs. having to debug the JS in Chrome, which is painful even with source maps working. Tried running the project externally in sbt and setting up a remote debug session, but when I do that, Scala breakpoints don't work. 

All my work so far has been with the Community edition and this feature would be a reason to upgrade to Ultimate, but only if I can make it work. Any and all advice much appreciated!

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Hi, Walter,

Scala.js debugger should work the same as plain javascript debugger in IntelliJ IDEA or WebStorm. You may configure it for Chrome or Firefox browsers.


I'm also trying to do this. The debugger only steps into the unreadable js generated by the compiler not the original scala code and breakpoints don't work. Sources maps are generated alongside the js and the js has the source map tag at the bottom. Are there any more detailed instructions? As with the OP this would be enough for me to upgrade to ultimate.


Thanks in advance.


Hello. I am also trying to debug through IDEA Ultimate but with no luck. Any news?