Always loading after a while


Most of the time i open 3 project. After a while (15min-2 hours) the Appcode becomes very slow and just loading periodically. I mean every 5 sec.  I work on a 27"late 2015 imac with 16 GB RAM. A noticed it with ver 2017.2.2 and the previous one as well. I checked the memory consumption, its "only" 2.5 GB.


Hi guys,

We have just published 2017.2.3 EAP build 172.4155.18 with the fix for OC-15905 which was reported to be causing freezes/slowness in many cases. Could you please try the build out and let us know if it helps. In case it doesn't - please report an issue in our tracker and include logs & thread dumps from Help | Show Log in Finder.

Restart the appcode is the only one solution. 



I have the same issue with last EAP and also with AppCode 2017.2.2 #OC-172.3968.26.

It is super annoying as I have to restart AppCode 3-6 times a day.


Today the appcode became totally unusable. Always loading. I can kill it just with force quit.


I started experiencing the same thing yesterday. Running 2017.2.2 #OC-172.3968.26


The 2017.2.3 EAP build seems to have helped. I also upped my JVM memory, as was recommended in other posts. One, or both, of those solutions has returned AppCode to its snappy self.