Jsonnet support in IntelliJ

Jsonnet is an open source templating language for json developed by google that looks very promising.

Since I prefer to stick to IntelliJ for editing most the files/code I develop, I'm looking for a plugin for IDEA that supports Jsonnet (It's kinda hard to read without syntax highlighting etc)

Internets has come up blank when searching for jsonnet + IntelliJ

Is there anyone out there aware of such a plugin, or plans for building one?

(I did find https://github.com/heptio/vscode-jsonnet, but I'm not ready to switch VS just yet ;-) 


We've put together a simple Intellij-Jsonnet integration in https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/10852-jsonnet, open source at https://github.com/databricks/intellij-jsonnet/tree/master. Try it out, and feel free to contribute further jsonnet code intelligence if you're free =)