Change how IntelliJ deploys Tomcat


I am evaluating IntelliJ as a potential replacement for MyEclipse on my team, but am running into a problem deploying to tomcat 6/7. After working on this an researching, I have concluded that the issue is because of how IntelliJ approaches running tomcat. From what I can tell it seems to try to run a separate instance, despite saying that it will deploy from the main app in the deploy tab (please correct me if I am wrong). I would like it to deploy to my main webapps directory and actually launch the main tomcat instance. Is there anyway to do this? 


Tomcat integration copies configuration files from Tomcat base directory to custom base-folder like “....\system\tomcat\Unnamed_(1)_test_prj”.

Then this directory is used as a CATALINA_BASE for launching Tomcat server from IDEA.

If you want to work with the main tomcat instance, you can try remote Tomcat run-configuration, some docs are available here and here.

For remote configuration, IntelliJ IDEA connects to externally started server to be able to deploy application artifacts or to perform their debugging.

Note that the server must be running when remote run config starts.