Reformat Reformated code before commit



  1. Reformat code on keyboard(Ctrl + Alt + L).
  2. checked "Reformat code" when "Before Commit"
  3. commit
  4. code is reformatted different from setting(Code Style -> Schema).



For me it is also not working!

IntelliJ 2018.1.5 (Ultimate Edition)

Build #IU-181.5281.24. built on June 12, 2018

It's looks like not the correct format settings will be used, rather than some other (default?) as it is formatted, but not as expected.

We are using Eclipse Code Formatter plugin -



Same problem for me I think. I write dart code, which Android Studio then auto-format for me using dartfmt. But then when I commit (Reformat is checked), it seems to go wrong. It really slows down my dev process. Thank you.


Idow09, please add this comment to the issue thread, developers don't check forums if they are not asked to. Thanks!