ROS Setup for CLion


Would anyone who uses clion for ros development please create a tutorial on how to properly setup clion to support ros? I've read many different ways to launch clion to source the correct files. I'm also having trouble finding out how to debug a package using launch files. Some say to somehow setup gdb and remote attach to it with binary symbol files. Is that possible if using a roslaunch file to run multiple packages with different params/arguments?

Eclipse has a setup guide that's ok on the IDE's page for ROS, maybe that's why more people use Eclipse and QtCreator to develop ros than CLion.


I'm in a student group and don't have many others to go to for help.


I run CLion from terminal with sourced ROS and it usually works for me.


It doesn't for me.  I've followed the basic guide to get intellij working/debugging with ROS, which i can use for python project (in intellij) but following the same steps for clion didn't seem to work


A guide that covers both compiling and debugging would be nice.


Hello! Sorry for the late response. There are several guides on the Internet, for example:, etc.

Also I've created a feature request in our tracker about such a guide: Feel free to comment or upvote.