Using a profiler with CLion osx


Hi guys,


I am currently a student studying a cs degree and have been using CLion with my mac.

One of my new modules revolves around algorithms and we are required to use a profiler. In the labs I can use the computers there - they use visual studio 2015 on windows (using c++ and it is not supported on macs) and this comes with the profiler needed for cpu sampling.

I can't really find anything regarding this on CLion apart from a response about a year ago saying its not supported, can someone tell me if this is still the case?





To do performance profling with CLion you can use Start CPU Usage Profiling and Stop CPU Usage Profiling actions for getting snapshot. Also you can get Capture memory snapshot. More details can be found in this article.

We have the issue in our tracker related to profiling in CLion -, please feel free to comment or upvote.