Is Find in Path Broken?

So in Angular after looking at a service, I wanted to find its uses. I used Find in path to search for uses, but although it came up in numerous Test Files, and Test Reports, I could not find any actual usage. I then asked a colleague, and we found another service that was using it. But Find in Path was unable to locate that service even though I am searching the entire project. 

Have Invalidated Caches and Restarted, and it still cannot find the string in a code file. 

Basically Find in Path is broken/erratic.

However when I open the file that contains the string, then Find in Path finds it.

Am coming to the conclusion that Find in Path is flaky / not reliable. Has anyone else actually checked that when you do this it actually finds them, becasue i suspect it is silently missing stuff that most people never realise!

this would be a Disaster during Refactoring across a project, and frankly would make using WebStorm like a Dinghy with a Hole in it. But I don't get how JetBrains could allow such a bug thru, at present it jars when i see it being called the Smartest Javascript IDE!!! Not being able to do a Find All reliably is Dumb.


I ran into an even weirder Search in Path glitch. If I copy-paste a certain search word into the search field, or sometimes if I type it very very fast, it won't find any  occurrences. If I empty the search field and then type exactly the same word slowly, it will find it. To make this stranger, it doesn't have the same problem with most search words. (One of them where it happens was sysadm, so it's nothing special. Maybe the files it searches in has something that triggers this bug, who knows.) When the search have this glitch, deleting a letters from the end of the search word and re-typing them doesn't help either; I must empty the field and then re-type. (BTW, I do not have any of the search options (Words, Match case, etc.) checked.)

This is on a fresh IntelliJ IDEA Community installation which comes with its own internal JDK (on Windows 10 64, on VMWare). No additional plugins except BashSupport are installed. At home I use the same version (on Win 7 64 and no virtualization though), but didn't yet run into this issue there, however, I can't try it on the same project. The whole phenomena is rather bizarre. I will experiment more with this when I get back to work. Needless to say, it's big pain that I have to search with Notepad++ as I can't trust IntelliJ until I figure this out.

Update: Next day I have invalidated the cache (I believe with "File" / "Invalidate cache and restart"), and then the problematic word was always found. Since then I haven't noticed similar issue, but of course due to the nature of the problem I can't really know if it has occurred or not. Would be good if IDEA notices when it had problems with indexing, rather than let me work with a inconsistent index... if that was the problem.


Thank you for this forum!  I just started troubleshooting this issue in phpStorm.  PLEASE fix this.  I rely on this IDE and love it's functionality; but this REALLY NICE feature MUST work or be taken out.  It's less than useless (i.e. harmful to our code integrity) to rely on a tool only to have it possibly leave your code in an unstable state.




Do anyone know quick-fix solution? Deleting .idea folder sometimes only gives "few" minutes to work.


I am experiencing a similar issue in ALL JetBrains IDE's on my Macbook.  As soon as I bring up 'Find In Path' dialog, it pastes some random hash value in the search box (i.e. CA41 2D3F A117 A2D4 9494 7A9D 9428 C3AA 4052 433F).  I have no idea what this value is, and the only way to search is to manually delete this value out of the search box every single time...


It must be caused by GPG tool:
Unchecking the box next to OpenPGP: Insert my Fingerprint in Mac System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> System should help.


@ElenaPgorelova  That's the fix.  I uninstalled GPG Suite.  Thanks!


Problem gone for me in 2019.1.2 CE #IC-191.7141.44


Same problem for me, just got the latets PHPStorm on my Ubuntu 14.04 and the problem is not fixed there, what can I do? I can't work efficiently!


Hello, the function "Find in path" again doesn't work anymore. When I restart phpStorm, than it works, and after some seconds it doesn't. This problem was reported 2017 as I see, and now its 2019 and the Problem is just worse now. I have phpStorm 2019.1.2. If there is no update for this, than I really will swich to visual-studio and quit here my account, because "find in path" is a major function in IDEs and its not possible to work with phpStorm any more.


Something to check - I was having problems and found that if a directory is excluded (right click on directory, Mark Directory as->Excluded) then Find in Path doesn't give any results for that directory. I guess it's excluded from the seach index too.

Just thought I'd throw that out there, might help someone!


An even IMHO much more serious issue: Using Find In Path -> Directory I see "Found 113 matches in 43 files" but I count only 53 lines/instances in the scrolling window underneath! My IT students would get an F for such a bug. (Or is there some hidden UI feature to reveal the remaining 60 matches? ... the students would get and F anyway for such UI:) Well, I needed to increase the limit in the Registry - so maybe the JetBrain's brains don't test cases when the Registry entry isn't the default... Anyway, I'd agree that this is a very serious bug and should be corrected asap as finding all the occurences of a string is a sine qua non for any IP developer. (I'll probably write an AppleScript that finds ALL the matching files if this problem persists)


Also having trouble with the "find in path function". File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart did work (at least it finds more now) but how Im supposed to know that a cache reset is necessary, if I dont know the results in advanced? So I need to reset the cache everytime in order to get reliable results?

Please take care of this issue asap!


I have only just now discovered that Find in Path is not reporting all of the occurences of my search string. I have been using this feature for YEARS and who knows how many mistakes I have made or bugs I have introduced by assuming that I have found all of the occurrences of my search string, when in actuality IntelliJ has just simply ignored some occurrences. 

I only discovered this just now by finding an occurrence of the string in a file which is currently open, yet Find in Path still does not report that it exists. Invalidate Caches + Restart has done nothing to fix the issue, Find in Path still does not report the occurence of the issue. Even when I click "Open in Find Window", it still does not report the occurence of the string that I know exists (because I'm already staring at it in the open file). 

This is a major bug. Please fix it ASAP. It basically makes the Find in Path completely unusable and unreliable if I have no way of knowing if all of the occurrences are found and instead I'll have to use some other application to search my codebase for strings. 


Follow-up on my above comment - upon further investigation the problem occurs when the same string appears multiple times within the same file. The find box reports "12 matches in 2 files", yet the box itself only shows the first match within each file. There is no way to know which of the files contains the multiple matches, and there is no way to move on to the next match within each file. As a result, the box declares "12 matches in 2 files", yet only actually displays 2 matches. This makes for a VERY CONFUSING AND MISLEADING UI, as it leads you to believe that there are only actually 2 matches, and have no way of knowing where the rest of the matches are. 

And then, despite the fact that the find box reports "12 matches in 2 files", when clicking "Open in Find Window", it only reports "2 matches found", not 12. This functionality is wholly broken and unusable. 


OK, I created 2 bugs in the last week breaking many production features after a refactor thanks to this issue :(

I'm literally writing this comment very frustrated in the middle of a bug fix.

I didn't realize that Find in path was only showing the top 100. It just says "100+ mathces in 10+ files" which is totally misleading. 

This is a major usability issue and likely has already caused 1000s of bugs from many developers already. Please address this. It's not too hard to change the messaging to something like "Top 100 matches" and some way of also letting the developers know that there's more search results. 


its really wired & serious  issue, when we search anything, it show results but not all matching,

once i had replaced something so i missed so many places just because IDE didn't gave me correct results.

and invalidate cache is not good solution be depend on, its been there since last few months with me,

if any cache issue just show errors, but false results are more dangerous 

let me know if anyone knows permanent solution


Just remove the .idea folder under project. Close & Reopen the project. That's all.