Open Android AVD/SDK manager inside Webstorm

I'm working with React Native and would love to be able to get access to the Android SDK and AVD Managers directly from Webstorm instead of the need to open Android Studio and press the icon button there only to start up an emulator or get access to the SDK manager.


Is there any setup/plugin that I can setup to get this without the need of Android Studio? (I don't care if Android Studio needs to be installed or not, I just don't want to open the whole IDE for accessing this)


No, WebStorm provides no Android support, and there are no plugins you can use. You can try using Intellij IDEA instead - see


You think it would be hard/possible to write a plugin myself to get support for this? I have no experience in writing plugins, but I really want this to speed up development.


Well... It requires strong java development skills plus knowledge of intellij APIs. See

Feel free to ask questions at Note also that you can check opensource plugins available at


Kirill Lavrishev: can you elaborate on the solution you posted above? The link seems to be dead.