Infinite "Refreshing <project_name> SBT project"

I'm trying to import quite large project in Intellij IDEA. I left "Use SBT shell" checked before importing and now I see "Refreshing 'main' SBT project" for about 4-5 hours and SBT shell is in "initializing" status. What can I do with it, how is it possible to finally import the project? What can be the issue?

I have only 4Gb RAM on my laptop and I gave 2 of them for SBT, but I don't think it's so crucial


My IDEA version is 2017.2.5, SBT version is 0.13.9


Please try upgrading the project's sbt version to 0.13.16 or 1.0.3, as the shell integration often has issues with 0.13.9 


Thanks Justin, that helped!