Support for MSVC debugger


Hello! I am using clion on windows with msvc compiler.

Everything works fine, but debugger would be absolutely urgent for constant work. When can we hope to have this feature?


Hi! We have a feature request about native MSVC debugger support: Unfortunately, there are some license restrictions about using MSVC debugger, so we don't have this feature on our priority list for now. Nevertheless, feel free to comment or upvote.


Thx for reply. I meant actually support of any debugger with vc compiler, not only native one, maybe windbg or another one.. As far as i understood there is no debugger to work within vc compiler currently. Correct me please if i am wrong.


Armen, you are absolutely right, debugging is not yet supported with Visual Studio.


Armen, I'm happy to inform you that in the recent CLion 2019.2 EAP we’ve added the experimental debugger for Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain:

Please check it. Your feedback is very important to us!

Note that EAP builds are free to use.


This is very happy news, Anna!