debug message red color


I use npm debug module. I have a problem - in one project the output color of this module is red (

Environment variables in run/debug configuration DEBUG=site:* as all other projects...
But if run on the command line DEBUG=site:* node app.js colors is ok



Your module must be writing its output to stderr stream... And it's highlighted according to 'Error output' preferences (Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts | Console Colors, Console). ANSI colors are not interpreted there (IDEA-137769)


all other projects run from run/debug 

project with only red output from run/debug

same, but run from cli command


Try this:
Edit configuration → Modify options → Emulate terminal in output console


Sorry, but I have nothing to add to my previous comment. If you can provide a project that shows up the issue, I'd probably advise on exact reason.