Build project upon building another project

I have a project which builds a dylib and a project which is an application.

I want the dylib to be rebuilt (if needed) everytime the application is being built. I easily achieved this in Xcode by editing the Application's scheme, adding the dylib target just before the application's target and now upon every build of the application, the dylib is being built as well.

While this works flawlessly in Xcode, this unfortunately doesn't seem to be the case with AppCode. The dylib is never being built when building the application. It seems that AppCode ignores the scheme specified by Xcode.

Another approach I tried is adding the dylib project as a subproject for the application (which is, completely wrong IMO, but I just wanted it to work), but for some reason, Xcode crashes when trying to drag the dylib's project into the application's project.


Does anyone know how to get the dylib project ot be build upon the application's project build?