Auto completion for parameter in function call


If I call a function in try to use autocomplete for the parameter; why does AppCode not suggest the parameter as first option?

App seems to have no problem to know the parameter name as "Parameter Info" works quick and flawless.

But autocomplete shows me a lot of garbage first instead of suggestion the parameter name first.


Is this a bug or this there a reason for that?



Hi Stefan.

Completion results are ordered based on completion statistics (i.e. previously used symbols).

Though, it's probably right to show argument labels on top of the completion list anyway - I've created OC-16387 for that, please watch & vote. In the meantime, you may try to use Smart Completion (Ctrl+Shift+ Space) - it should filter and show argument labels high in the list. Also you could utilise argument placeholder completion (in your case, just by hitting enter after typing opening '(' for initializer) - it should insert labels along with type placeholders for all method parameters.