Inspecting INSERT/UPDATE Query for Table Data Editor

Some background:

Lets say I have some table `names` with columns `id` and `name`. In the table data editor, this would show up as a table:

id | name

1 | yoni

2 | lerner


If I want to change the value for `id`=2, I can double click into the cell that says "lerner" and then modify the name to something like "smith". At this point, I can now hit Ctrl+Enter to submit the change. Under the hood, this is probably running something similar to `UPDATE names SET name='smith' WHERE id=2`.


Question: In MySQL Workbench, when running this update, a window will show up telling you precisely the UPDATE (or INSERT or other) command being run. Is there any way to see this in DataGrip? I want to know exactly what query is being run to carry out the change that Ive made in the GUI.




I came here just now to ask the same exact question.