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 I am new to remote development, so sorry if the question is stupid. I have CLion installed on macOS and I want to upload, cmake, build, run and debug on a remote computer on my local network running Ubuntu server. Also, I want to use system libraries installed on it with auto-completion and other features of CLion. Both computers are x86-64, but I don't think that compiling on the mac is a good idea. Is it possible to create such build configuration?


I have same issue.

I use OpenSUSE but need to build in Solaris 11.

I Netbeans is easy to do it, but I would like to use CLion, of course.

Any help?



Unfortunately, remote development hasn't been implemented in CLion yet: Feel free to comment or upvote. Only remote debug is implemented for now.


Hi Anastasia Kazakova, if you're part of the dev team I tried out the EAP release and unfortunately it doesn't support ssh connections that pass through a gateway server. 


If you are able to add this functionality it would be perfect.


Hi Damel,

Could you please provide details about your case to

By the way, can you simply connect to your remote host from terminal? Which authentification type have you configured in CLion? Do you use password or ssh config to get to your remote host?


Hi Anastasia sorry for the late reply, I use a ProxyCommand in my ssh config as for my company all our machines can only be accessed through a gateway server.

What extra details would you like me to add?

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Hi Damel


I've copied your message to the ticket

Could you please join to the ticket, Alexander (who is responsible for ssh module) will try to help you. 


Hi Damel,

`ProxyCommand` instruction is supported for the SSH authentication type Open SSH config and authentication agent. Could you please try to use this option and tell us if it works for you?