How to open Main.storyboard in Jetbrains Rider ?


Today I noticed that rider is very cool and productive IDE for developing .NET.


I'm xamarin developer and when I'm working with VS, I'm always opening Xcode interface builder for storyboard files.


Is there any way in rider to open Main.storyboard file in xcode interface builder ?


Thank you


Yes, need this as a feature. The main problem is VS for Mac (or Windows I can imagine) produces files used by Xcode Interface Builder to allow for outlet referencing and such like so Rider would need to do something similar, I can imagine its a pretty complex process! Perhaps theres some kind of command line process you can fire from Visual Studio to generate the IB interops? 

I hate VS with a passion, Rider is a great IDE and I'd switch tomorrow if the workflow was better. We already use it for our .NET development!