Intellij 2017.3 does not recognize nodenv npm shim

I just installed IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2017.3 and I'm seeing prompts to run 'npm install' in a project after modifying package.json.  I click to try that and the "Node.js Local Interpreter" dialog pops up.  It seems to have found my node binary at ~/.nodenv/shims/node, since I'm using nodenv, but when I click '...' and enter the path to ~/.nodenev/shims/npm (or shims/yarn), it makes no difference to the dialog.  The dialog still appears as if I have not selected an npm.

I have multiple node versions installed with nodenv.  When I run 'npm config get prefix' (in the Intellij Content/bin dir or in the current project dir), it correctly emits the path to ~/.nodenv/versions/8.4.0, which is my nodenv global default.  I'm running this on Mac OS X 10.11.6.



please make sure to specify a path to npm package (node_modules/npm), not npm binary


That's an unfortunate design, it won't support shim-based environment switching like nodenv. I don't have just one relevant node_modules/npm, I have many.  I'll have to bring up this Node.js Interpreters dialog every time I switch my node environment.




I agree with @membrain.... this current implementation makes it more tedious to use IDEA products with nodenv.